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alright listen

just because you dont break skin or use a razor doesnt mean it cant be self harm

just because they never hit you doesnt mean it cant be an abusive relationship

just because you can communicate in some circles doesnt mean you cant have anxiety or socializing issues

just because you have a good day doesnt mean you cant have depression

Do not let your perception of how your struggle should be silence you. Your problems are real and they deserve attention.

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History of Culture at the Turn of This Century by Serhiy Zhadan


When choosing your course of studies you should find out
among other things –
if the culture at the turn of this century
has already pressed itself into the veins of your slow arm,
rooted itself in the whorls of your thick hair,
carelessly blown by the wind,
and tousled by fingers
like streams of warm water in a basin,
like colored clay beads over cups and ashtrays,
like a vast autumn sky
over a cornfield.


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